Monday, December 12, 2016

Veteran Services Officer Maricopa Community Colleges
Veterans Exhibition: Mitchell Caviness
On Display: Komatke Hall C  at Estrella Mountain College

Mitchell Caviness was the ninth child born into his family. In this environment, his father and mother taught him and his siblings how to create their own toys. As the youngest, Caviness worked hard to get the approval of his siblings and at age seven, he had the urge to compose a toy without supervision. Caviness' parents complimented him on how well the toy looked – they thought that his siblings had helped him make it. With this confidence, every week Caviness produced more toys not only for himself, but also for his siblings.

Caviness grew up in the small town of Robbins, N.C. In this area there are many uses for the wood that is grown. At a young age he was introduced to the uses of many tools and the ways in which craftsmen use many techniques and styles. Some of these people made furniture and folk art. This art was a reflection of their past and their lifestyle. Caviness picked up on this form of art and turned it into his own; carving wood has always been a form of entertainment and lifestyle. Caviness attended the University of New Jersey in Jersey City where he received a bachelor’s degree in Art Education. From 1997 to 1999 he attended Arizona State University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. Mitchell then went on to receive a Teacher’s Certification from Ottawa University in 2000.

Caviness is a former 101st Airborne Ranger. In his spare time while in the military, he continued sketching and drawing to develop his skills and sharpen his artistic abilities. While in the military,
Mitchell sustained several injuries that have left him fully disabled and legally blind. As a sculptor he can now better understand how the visually impaired really appreciate sculpture. He sincerely hopes that the sighted and visually impaired receive the intrinsic values of his work and the aesthetic qualities that he is transferring from his spirit.

Caviness now resides in Goodyear, Ariz., and some of his art reflects this beautiful environment.